Friday Fictioneers December 18, 2015 entry-Put Out To Pasture

Friday Fictioneers for Friday, December 18, 2015 Genre: General Fiction Word Count: 99 Put Out To Pasture The Booger family were germophobes. Their use of cleaning products was extreme. Little Booger, a rebel,… Continue reading

Ashes. Ashes. We All Fall Down.

You know what would save a lot of people time and money? If there was a cologne named “Ashtray”, that had that exact scent.

I Abhor You

At work, while the internet radio played throughout the day, Miley Cyrus sang “When you say you love me, Know I love you more.” Three times during the work day this song played… Continue reading

Learning to Fly

A mother bird must give her babies a push out of the nest when it is time. If not, she will be feeding them regurgitated worms into their 30s and that would just… Continue reading

Custom Typos

This is what happens when you order a custom made “one-of-a-kind” item.

TV or Not TV

Ralph Kramdem stated that he refused to purchase a TV for him and Alice until the availability of 3D TV sets. That would mean their household would have been without television for another… Continue reading

Places to Ponder Life

You where a good place is to stop suddenly and contemplate life-a busy subway station staircase during rush hour, right after passengers have disembarked from a train.


December 25th-the day for giving December 26th-the day for returning

Now Firing

Overheard in the subway (group of three female co-workers) One to the other two-“Let’s not say anything about this.  I don’t want to get fired.” She is SO fired.


This tree has some big balls.

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