February 12, 2013

On Repeat Party in the U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus

Famous last words

Daily gripe

Randomness  –  “Made for America” vs. Made for Europe” 

One night while looking for women’s calf socks with funky designs, I discovered two things about American stores:

1) They carry brands created by “designers” manufacturers that feel a woman’s foot should be able to conform to a size 4-11 shoe-sized sock.

2) They are forcing women to either wear ankle socks or knee highs.  Some of the knee highs available look like they could appear as tights if one were to wear a skirt just above the knee.

This could explain why for years I mostly wore men’s sport socks.  If the socks aren’t going to fit right, they might as well be cheap and the length up my leg I so desire.

I started my  search and went through six (6) women/juniors clothing stores in a strip mall, finding just one measly pair at JC Penney’s (left over, it seems, from what remains of a dead “calf length” fad). Frustrated, I thought where does that leave someone looking for non-white (preferably non-plain), non-men’s calf socks?

Walking around downtown I was passing a clothing store I haven’t frequented since my time spent in Germany.  I decided to chance it and stop in.  What could I lose but five (5) minutes of my time? Well apparently Sweden (or maybe much of Europe) is into socks!  Not only did H&M sell calf socks (amongst others), but the store had different designs and *gasp* different SIZES! The last time I saw varying sizes on socks was purchasing for children; the difference between infants and children’s socks.  Still the same ridiculous ranges (and some “kids” sizes you couldn’t fit anything but a BABY in), but at least there was an attempt made to vary the size ranges!

Now, I see something wrong here.  First I started turning to IKEA to purchase my household furniture, that wouldn’t give me a nervous breakdown when trying to fit the pieces together during assembly and now I am purchasing clothes made by the Swedes as well?  Anyone ELSE see anything wrong with this picture?

R.I.F.  – Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – O.M.G.!

**Daily Math Word Problem**
Standing, waiting for the light about to change, at a minimum of 5 feet away from the curb and I get splashed by a puddle; A puddle less than 6 inches deep, that was on a part of the roadway not meant for traffic, driven through by an asshole that comes to a complete stop less than 30 feet later.
The solution? One flat tire for a M.F.