February 13, 2013

On Repeat

Famous Last Words – “I just had an interesting lesson about presuming things based on superficialities.” Jonathan A.  FB Status 2/13/2013

Daily Gripe – I was sitting on the subway this evening (on my way into the city), listening to music with my MP4 player.   The train stopped at a desolate station to pick up passengers.  A guy in his 40’s got on the train.  With a smirking smile, he stood in the middle of a nearly empty subway car.  He glanced throughout the car at the few scattered individuals randomly seated.  He picked his seat directly across from a female, who looked to be in her early 20’s (if that).  The smirky smile still on his face, he made a comment toward her and she glanced down to the ground, at her feet, obviously uncomfortable with whatever he said or maybe just the fact that he was speaking to her, a stranger, on a nearly empty subway car.

I remember that feeling a few years back, only it was on a crowded subway car.  I left the train at what was supposed to be a BUSY subway platform (during morning rush hour) and there was NO ONE AROUND! Lucky for me some female noticed that the male in my situation had also left the car and was obviously following me.  She came up to me and acted like she knew me, while whispering to me that he had gotten off the train to follow me.  Next thing I knew, he was following us, acting as if he knew me!

I never want anyone to feel the way I felt and have no one react.  I was ready to get off the train with this girl if he followed.  It turned out, she got off the local train to take the express.  I did the same, as I didn’t want to remain in the same train car with this inconsiderate and perhaps dangerous person.  I have always learned to listen to the vibes I get from people, and these weren’t good from the moment he stepped into our train car.

This guy could have talked to anyone.  There was nothing special about her shoes (except that maybe she had them on her FEET).  She wasn’t “model” pretty.  She was definitely approachable, maybe even appeared timid to him. He seemed to me to be looking for a victim (if I go by my gut feeling).  But that is just an assumption on my part.  But better safe than sorry in today’s world in my opionion. People can afford to lose out on possible connections or hurting someone’s feelings by not acknowledging their “compliment”, if it makes them uncomfortable.

Randomness – Still Recycling Last Year’s Christmas Tree

Our live “dead” Christmas tree (for the record, the one from December 2012) has been gone since the first week of January.  I fully expected to find loose pine needles here and there for a few weeks afterwards.  I must have swept the apartment (under the couch, bed, in the corners) three times a week since.  I have to tell you, with all the actual bits and pieces of tree I have found throughout the apartment since the extradition of the tree, I could create a whole new Christmas tree from the stowaways that have been found-as my daughter says, it would be a Charlie Brown tree, but a tree none the less.

R.I.F.  –  Gone Girl  by Gilliam Flynn – still “WOWing” Completed. 415 pages

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