February 18, 2013

On RepeatHome by Phillip Phillips

Famous Last Words“What do you want, milk-drinker?” – Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Daily Gripe – To Today’s Incompetent Parent:

Maybe instead of cursing at your four year old to get him hold on the pole in the subway car while it is moving, you can stop looking at your fucking phone long enough, pretend to be a parent/guardian and hold your kid’s hand.

Randomness – Perhaps You Were Looking in the Mirror?

Reflecting back to a fool who once called my daughter A a princess.  His stated reasons for this:

  1. “Can’t she just buy regular clothes like other girls.” She has particular tastes in clothes (i.e.  not the mainstream crap that they sell in every store for every teeniebopper to wear).
  2. She is an artist, who likes a particular type of paper to draw on and  a drawing tablet that connects to the computer so she could trace her artwork and do different things with it digitally. “She has all these gadets.”
  3. I bought her a phone so I could be in touch with her wherever she was at (for my mental wellbeing and her safety) “You buy her all these electronic devices.”
  4. Her kitten eats a certain type of food (Blue Buffallo brand for kittens) (not the crap you can fnd in the grocery store, where we can’t even figure out what those ingredients are).  She loves her cat and wants him to live as long of a healthy life as we can make happen. “Isn’t that cat costing you a lot of money? Maybe you should consider getting rid of him. You know, if we move in together, he cannot come.”   Well, that conversation didn’t QUITE go the way HE had anticipated.  I don’t do powerplays.  Let’s just say ONE of my MANY comments was “I don’t live my life for the future.  I live for today.  And today the cat has a home with me and my daughter. I don’t renege on commitments I make to others, pets & peaople alike, unless they do it to me first.” (That he eventually did.)

My final response to this situation was “I am her mother and it is my job to make sure she enjoys what remains of her adolescence, is protected and has the guidance she needs.”

The comment returned was “This is exactly what I am talking about!  Look at me!  My mother did the same and look how messed up I am.”

There was no more arguing with someone who continues to be ignorant. The difference here is his mother coddled him  until her death (when he was 34).  My daughter hadn’t even turned 17 yet, is a senior in high school, and is more responsible than this male will ever be.

Let’s just face it.  This guy was jealous of any attention I showed to my kid (and her cat).

My kids already have learned that nobody but themselves can make them happy.  After 40 years he still hasn’t learned this.  I cannot be responsible for his happiness.  Who is the real princess here?

R.I.F –

**Daily Math Word Problems**

$11 + 3 sheriff’s deputies + 1 free movie viewing

First solve for common sense = 0

Then solve for cost that movie theater incurred for looking the other way = 0

Solve for  cost paid by someone asking so little of so few = pointless death