February 19, 2013

On Repeat – Misery Business by Paramore

Famous Last Words – Kill ’em with kindness

Daily Gripe – Too Cross to Drive

As a pedestrian approaching a “walk” crossing sign, I cannot begin to count the number of times that the cars waiting at the red light at those particular cross walks, inch their cars forward, closer to the cross walk area (if not in more into this designated section).  Is this their way of using intimidation tactics to say to the pedestrian “when that light changes, you had better be the fuck out of my way because I will not be responsible for what happens after that.”  Or could the drivers just be so self-absorbed that they think the light was put there just to inconvenience their lives and make them late to whatever their destination may be.

Either way, those drivers get a dirty look from me, as I pass the front of their cars, ever so careful not to brush up against the front of their automotive with my bags and stuff I may have in my possession, if it happens to find itself in the cross walk section meant for foot traffic.

RandomnessOne Rainy Evening

Me, on a street corner. Attempting to use the cross walk to get to the other side. You, in a car. At a red light. Me with a walk signal, still allowing for time to cross. You, making a right on red (not allowed in this city), cutting me off. Causing me to stand that much longer in the rain. Me, annoyed.

You, stopped at subsequent corner, at red light. Behind traffic.  Police car, with flashing lights and blaring sirens, pulling up behind you, in car. Indicating for you to pull over. Me, again. Same corner. Laughing now.

R.I.F – Say nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis; Page 51 of 493. The subject of time travel lag is very boring. The storyline is now heading into the Victorian times for some respite for the main character (BOY I hope it gets better.  The book is supposed to be comical and the funniest line was back at page 3 or 4).

**Daily Math Word Problems**

Statement: Employees saying “I don’t give a shit anymore” in regards to their employer and their work duties.

This the probability of this statement being accurate is only 10%, in my experience.  The alternative roughly translates to “How quickly can I get in line to suck my employer’s dick?”

Solve for percentage of employees willing to give their employee’s  sexual favors to stay in their good graces.

Solution: 90%