February 20, 2013

On Repeat –

Famous Last Words – “You wouldn’t buy an ugly sofa; you wouldn’t talk to an ugly person. I only hire very attractive people and my third wife is one of the most beautiful people I know.” Dr. Armond the pet plastic surgeon from the Kroll Show

Daily Gripe – Tickets Please

Ma’am, can I please see your paid fare for your bag’s seat? What? You didn’t pay for your bag’s seat? Well, there are two solutions to that. You can pull your self-absorbed head out of your ass and put that shit on the rack above you or on the floor in front of you on this crowded bus. Or you can take a cab, where you can pay to have the entire back seat to yourself.

Randomness – Beautifying America

How long before we get to this? For now we can laugh at the humor of the ridiculousness.

How long before reality becomes this? For now we can still laugh at the humor of the ridiculousness.


R.I.F.  –  

**Daily Math word problems**