February 22, 2013

On Repeat – Machinehead by Bush
Famous Last Words –
Daily Gripe – Volume Controls

I, for one, know why the manufacturers include a “blaring” option for volume level on portable music devices. It is to block out the crazed rants of the people, boarding mass transit, who feel wronged by the world.
This one, in addition, apparently doesn’t know how to select a seat. “Is anyone sitting here?” What? The empty fucking space didn’t give it away? Sit your ass down so we can get on with watching the world wrong you some more.

Randomness – How Arrogant Do You Think I am? or My First Beer Review
This isn’t a beer review elucidating my beer experience, starting off with how I poured the beer into a mug, frosted from the freezer. This isn’t where I am going tell you how I popped the cap with my handy dandy bottle opener and let the beer breathe for a minute. Nor am I going to going to give details how I watched the changing of the pattern in the foam as I poured the beer in said frosted glass, interpreting the hues. I am not going to explain every swirl the first bit of beer made in my mouth as I took a first gulp. I am not going to break down every ingredient I imagined I tasted (or that had mixed in from what was stuck in my teeth from dinner).No sir (or ma’am)! All of that would be impossible.

Because my friend opened that lukewarm bottle with some bottle opener I had never seen him use before, handled it over to me and I took one gigantic swig and another and – well you get the idea. I basked in each mouthful (drank directly from what I am sure was a filthy 22 oz bottle) as I polished it off. Damned good beer! 8/10 rating (based on my own personal rating scale, known only to me).       http://www.arrogantbastard.com/arrogantbastard/default.asp

R.I.F – Say nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis; My view of this book hasn’t changed since I haven’t read any further from where I was on February 20th.

**Daily Math Word Problem**

You can tell by viewing this evening’s open wine bottle, that  I had a rough one!
Arrived home @ 630pm. Started drinking/doing dishes/listening to music by 700pm.  1-750ml bottle of wine, to serve as housework motivator.

Time Check: 7:47 pm

Level of wine bottle=empty, in trash can