February 24, 2013

On Repeat –  I’m Still Holding On to You by Clint Black and Martina McBride

Famous Last Words –

Daily Gripe – You Say Potato. I say Carbs.

The end of a discussion with my ex-husband:

These were his final words (irrelevant, is the discussion): “Everything works out In the end”

I responded with the following: Haha the only part of that I believe is “everything…in the end”.  Things work out the way we create them to work imo.

My ex’s response (16 hours later-and excuse any grammatical difficulties, as this is a direct copy/paste job for his contributions…I wouldn’t want anything lost an a translation):
1. My decisions not my circumstances determine the future of my life. 2. My Decisions determine the quality of my life 3. My decisions determined the impact of my life 4. My decisions determine my ultimate destiny

Me: That is exactly what I said lol

My ex: LOL I made it prettier

I had told him earlier “The two of us would be a Vaudeville act or the next George Burns & Gracie Allen….wait, maybe those aren’t good examples; both are dead.” We really would…

If it weren’t for laughter…..

Randomness – Karma [not] a chameleon

I believe in Karma with every ounce of my being. Not blindly, but because I see the rounds that bitch takes on a daily basis. When events happen in our lives that cause us immense pain, it is easier to turn the blame on someone else (the “giving” party, let’s say). But as I have experienced these great pains and reflected on the past choices in my life prior to each, without as much regard for how it may have effected someone else, I realize it is just my negative Karma, finally catching up to me. The truth of the matter is “no” I/you may have done no wrong at that particular moment, but no action comes without consequences-good or bad.

Going forward from that realization, I take every major life choice in serious regard. If I am going to do something a little off -kilter, I outweigh if I am willing to pay the price of negative Karma that will most likely come along with the decision to follow through, no matter how perfect you try to make the situation work out in my “favor”.

My view: Someone can keep running from Karma, but eventually they get tired of running. Karma never tires.

It is why I don’t get upset for long now when (for example) people seem to skate by in life by doing nothing and others have to pick up their slack. The protector of my sanity most days…Karma.

R.I.F – 2666 by Robert Bolano; Page 15 of 898. So far very repetitive for the first 15 pages, simple to explain the interest of three people, from three different parts of the world, coming together over their interest  in one particular author (who’s last name is an unusual one for a German fellow, which is explained over and over monotonously in detail).

**Daily Math Word Problems**