February 25, 2013

On Repeat – Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel

Famous Last Words –What will I do without my comic relief that is A, once she leaves for college? Coming home from her adventures in the city yesterday, after trying to plug her phone in to charge before returning home: “All those Star Bucks’ customers are PLUG WHORES!”

Daily Gripe – adVisine For All

By all means, lean your head back into the aisle of the bus from the comfort of your seat, as people are getting on. No worries! We will all wait for those eye drops to set in your eyes before we finish moving to the back of the bus (Outkast song is now stuck playing in my head).

Randomness – I wish I could say that the discarded clothes strewn on the kitchen floor was a sign of me getting lucky last night but, alas, it is just me running late for work, while attempting to not burn breakfast.

R.I.F –

**Daily Math Word Problems**

What are we trying to solve for today? Protecting one imbecile from himself.

(1-12 oz cup of coffee + 1-imbicile) < 1.5 feet from sidewalk … 1 gulp of coffe = 1 cage necessary