February 26, 2013

***************** On Repeat ***************** 

  I’ll Be Alright by Journey

 ***************** Famous Last Words ***************** 

“Embrace the suck” – MG David Petraeus

***************** A Word From The Unwise *****************

When a teenage girl asks you how her hair looks, close your eyes and respond “Just fine.” This is just another public service provided in order to save what sanity may remain out there.

***************** Daily Gripe *****************

What’s YOUR problem?

You know who irks me?  Born-again skinny people.  You know the ones.  They act like if they did it, ANYONE should be able to do it so ‘why are you FAT”, forgetting the fact that they have been overweight for decades!

***************** Randomness *****************

What is it about me that attracts guys who have identity crises? There is my ex husband, who still  to this day seems to be searching for who he is, and where he fits in society.  He seems to go along, doing what society expects of him, but he never seems happy.   The there was my last ex-boyfriend, who also seemed to be trying way too hard to fit into society,  would also try different “faces”.  One of his many faces:  he would “joke around”, pretending he was black and talk about his “people”. When there are identity crises involved, there will be insecurities to contend with.

All I can do is express my expectations up front.   Life is too short to do otherwise.  But in the end, you can communicate these expectations, but if someone isn’t willing to listen, you might as well be talking to a rock.

***************** R.I.F *****************

Divergence written by my friend David P. (it is not yet published)  Sci-Fi genre; 16 of 151 pages.

**Daily Math Word Problems**