February 27, 2013

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I am all about respect for “authority” but when I hear that my kid  (who bothers no one, and who I am pretty sure would even help someone in need) is asked to show her fucking school transportation card, that she had to fucking use to get passed the turnstile to get on the platform where she was in order to be interrogated by the officer, and then asked if she goes to school in the area, when it is obviously right after school fucking let out, it irks me! Yeah, she was a real threat to the neighborhood, with her Anime messenger bag, listening to music on her cheap Motorola smart phone.   http://www.amazon.com/Black-Butler-Sebastian-Ciel-Others/dp/B0050SO55I

It really adds to my belief that the police are more likely to bother people who are minding their own fucking business in order to feel powerful with their little penises and big guns, rather than seeking out true perpetrators.

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Florida man shot by his dog, police say


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Without television, how would loaves of bread learn about cures for their yeast infections?

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