February 28, 2013

******** On Repeat14 Years by Gun N’ Roses

******** Famous Last Words –

******** A Word From The Unwise – If you want something done, just do it yourself. Expect nothing from anyone. A lesson I have to keep relearning (and that I keep forgetting).

******** Daily Gripe –  Give Me Your Phone Number – OR ELSE!

What is with the men on this dating site, sending me a first message “Hey, baby.”  (the “baby” part in itself, from someone I don’t know, is irksome). But, to be polite (because unfortunately that is me) I respond and say “Hi, what’s up “-“what’s up” is my little way of being annoying, but I am almost CERTAIN it is lost on these types.

The next message I typically get: “Give me your phone number, so I can call you.”  How about “Go FUCK yourself.”  Or a guy sends this one: “Give me your email.”  What do you need my email for? Are you collecting them to pad your contact list?  We can write to one another in these pretty little boxes (I usually have some “cute” smart ass comment like that to say).  How they respond determines if they get added to my block list (I don’t have time for stupidity online.  I get enough of that in real life that I have no CHOICE but to tolerate). If I wanted to just give my phone number out to anybody, I would go hang out at a bar.

The good thing about this online dating thing is I can make it my own.  I have no expectations from one little message.  I am here to see what kinds of men I am missing due to being stuck 11+ hours a day of working/commuting and in this rut I call my life.  Never know what you find “out there”.  When I signed up for eHarmony’s free weekend out of boredom, I got an entire list of cool books to read 🙂

Once, for my own amusement, I decided to ask one guy why he was in such a hurry to get my phone number when we were on a online dating site. His response: “Once we talk on the phone, I will know whether or not there is a connection between us.”  Let me save you the trouble, buddy. I sense some faulty wiring. Move on.

******** Randomness – Everyone’s Going to Be Late Today

Email sent to our department’s group email by co-worker #1: Train is crawling into the city.

Response to all by the department’s Operations Manager: So am I

Response to all by co-worker #2: I just stumbled out of bed

Response to all by me: I found some puddles from yesterday, so I am practicing my backstroke into the city.

(All our responses were to make fun of co-worker’s constant excuses on reasons he is running late to work on an almost daily basis).  I thank my friend D. Parson for giving me the idea behind my excuse with a status he posted the morning before.)

******** R.I.F

Divergence written by my friend David P. (it is not yet published)  Sci-Fi genre; 17 of 151 pages.

**Daily Math Word Problems**

(1 online dating site * 4 available suitors) + 150 private messages /10 mostly minor chit chat – (1 available suitor to the block list for demanding my phone number) – (1 available suitor to the block list for “asking me if I wanted company for the night) = a lot of wasted time.