March 1, 2013

******** On Repeat  A Matter of Trust by Billy Joel

******** Famous Last Words – “You can trust me.”

******** A Word From The Unwise

******** Daily Gripe – Restructuring My Shit List Procedures

When will I learn to stop giving people so much credit?  Unless I have known them for years (and I am talking a decade or MORE) and they have given me no reason to think little of them or I gave birth to them, I should not be indulging them that they are worthy of anything aside from being on my shit list, no matter how much I think (and ESPECIALLY if they are using powers of persuasion) they are worth anything to me.  From there, people can work my way up there.

I have had it all wrong these years.  I have placed people on the shit list, as a point of no return, ONCE they have wronged me, when in fact, this is where they should have all been to begin with! It sure would have saved me a LOT of heartache!

******** Randomness – Taking the Cake

In March 2010, I was living with someone. His birthday was coming up.  He came home from the bar after work one night and he wanted to argue.  This was typical when he would get drunk.

Most of the time it was about the same shit. He was a depressed drunk (yes I know, many are) and would bring up all the things that upset him, but these things would become escalated ten-fold.  From his adoption, to how his adopted mother put him down and his mistrust of all women (including me), to his unhappiness with his job and what he got paid. And the fact that I sent my kids to live with their father-I am pretty sure he looked down on me for that decision with comments he made here and there, but guess what?  He wasn’t their mother and I cannot help if he never listened to my reasoning behind it. I know there were other things, but I think that covers it enough for these purposes.

By the time the weekend was upon us, I figured we had moved on from this argument.  I picked up his favorite, an ice-cream cake, for his birthday which was Saturday, and hid it in the back of the freezer.  That evening, low and behold he was out drinking again and guess what?  Same shit, different day.  Like a mixed version of an emotional merri-go-round/roller coaster. By Saturday morning I was done.  I didn’t even have the energy to express how upset the entire thing was making me anymore.  Without even thinking, I opened the freezer, pulled out the ice-cream cake and placed it nicely on the top of the trash can. Apparently that hurt his feelings.  I guess I got my point across, without a word spoken, no more energy expended.

Sometimes, it isn’t our words that leave an everlasting mark. It is our actions that hit home. And boy, the feeling of JOY it can give us once we realize the impact we have FINALLY made to someone that has helped us reach our wit’s end!

**Daily Math Word Problems**

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