March 4, 2013

******** On Repeat  – Don’t Tell Me by Avril Lavigne

******** Famous Last Words – A: Do you know my school doesn’t even have spirit week? Me: Your school isn’t even a school.  It is a waiting place. A:  I would rather wait in the doctor’s office.  At least then I would have my phone.

******** A Word From The Unwise

******** Daily Gripe – The Male Dating Code!

 I have deciphered the male dating code!  When one says “No games” this is the equivalent of saying “I am just looking to get laid”. Yes, YES,  I am well aware that some idiot women have their own code, but I cannot be concerned about that. I don’t own the book “The Rules” for a REASON!


[After a few messages in, minor chit chat, joking about life]

Suitor#2: Can I stop by your place? (UMMM NO!!)


Suitor#2: What do you do for fun? (I tell him I hang out with friends sometimes) Can I come too? (Seriously????)

And why can’t these suitor’s  man up when you call them on their shit. Could this be the reason they are single?  Or do they think that manners and etiquette don’t matter here online?  That is OK.  Just helps me to weed them out much easier.


[After a few messages in, minor chit chat about our love for music]

Suitor Idiot#3: So, do u taste as good as u look? :)”


Me: In what way?

Idiot#3: I was flirting sexually LOL. Guess it went over your head:)

Me: Oh, I got it all right. Nothing goes over my head. I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t misinterpreted your meaning.

Idiot#3: I guess I turned you off LOL

Me: I am no prude, but I find it highly inappropriate for someone, who I don’t know, to talk to me like that. Flirting is great. That is not.

Idiot#3: [continued silence]

Then there are the ones that are just….needy?….insecure? I mean, I never made a commitment that I would be in constant contact and he wasn’t making any real effort to keep the conversation going.


Suitor#4: I would like to get to know each other better.

Me: Hi. What are you looking for in a partner?

Suitor#4: I looking for honesty, respect, love and kindness.

Me: That sounds like all of the appropriate things, How long have you been single? My last relationship (of 10 months)ended 3 months ago.

Suitor#4:  Since September. Do you care for us to exchanged numbers?

Me: I prefer to communicate here until I get to know someone better.

Suitor#4: Ok…I don’t really stay on the site. For any protracted period of time.

Me: OK. np (That was supposed to mean-Take it or leave it- Guess I should have finished my thoughts and said “when you are around, feel free to drop me a line”)

Suitor#4: [Gives me his number]

[No call is made, obviously]

[Next morning]

Suitor#4: Good Morning.

Me: Happy Monday.

Suitor#4: Thx. Same to you Sweetie… (UGH!  Sweetie????)

Suitor#4: [2 1/2 hours later] Are you OK?

Me: I am just fine. Why do you ask?

Suitor#4: Just checking


I did not sign up on that dating site to do all the work.  If that was the case, I would still be married to a man having his affair or playing the field. I can take it or leave it.  I am signed up, but it isn’t life or death.  It is just “there”. I am pretty content on my own right now.  I was just looking for a little excitement in my life, but this is an entirely different realm.

******** Randomness – Part 1

On people who are are attracted to you: They want you because you are different, but in the end they want to change you because they want you to be the same as everyone else.

******** Randomness – Part 2

I am both a better and worse person when I am with my kids. My hope for life is increased, while my patience with the same decreases. I am exposed to more of the inconsistencies in life with them around.

******** R.I.F.- I haven’t cracked a book open for a couple of days now 😦
**Daily Math Word Problems**

No math problem for today.