March 6, 2013

******** On Repeat 

******** Famous Last Words – “You can’t take care of your family if you are in pieces.”  St Sahm blog

******** A Word From The Unwise – I have not unlearned anything today

******** Daily Gripe – Part 1 –  The Right Side

Remind me again what country we are in?

*hears “USA! USA!” being chanted in the distance, somewhere*

Remind me what side of the road we drive on?

So why the fuck do pedestrian assholes find it necessary to walk to their left? These must be the same assholes who speed to pass you on the left, then cut you off to make a right turn (still talking about those on foot). Or the same ones that are in such a rush to get it front of you, they all but come to a complete stop as they get their way (and STILL talking about pedestrians here).

******** Daily Gripe – Part 2 – The Dating Pool

What can be more attractive than a photo, taken of oneself utilizing the bathroom mirror, with stacks of toilet paper as the backdrop, posted as one’s dating profile picture?

What can be more inviting than the following participant:

Suitor#6 Profile 

About me [written exactly as posted]

Im Author who loves to cook and travel, and i have a book out, and i love romance, and long walks.

Ok FINE.  It is online.  Maybe he used his phone app to fill out his profile details or he is using speech-to-text technology.  I am not going to judge (much).

Suitor#6: Hi how are u (really?  You don’t even want to type out the entire word for an intro message?)

Me: I am doing well (I was going to say “I am doing good”, but I couldn’t do it!  He is an author after all, so I back-spaced and corrected myself!)

Suitor#6: Im fine my name is [insert Suitor#6 name here]. nice to meet u. (OK.  So maybe he is blind and he is using speech-to-text software and still getting used to it????)

Me: Likewise.

Me: Your profile says you are a book author. What do you write about?

Suitor#6: [silence]

Me: [two hours later for fun-because I have learned that I enjoy being annoying when these types initiate conversation and then, nothing.]: Do you not write books?

Suitor#6: [continued silence]

His speech-to-text software must have crashed.

******** Randomness – All Work and No Play 

Don’t you hate how work gets in the way of your personal life when you are at work? How, when you are trying to take care of your personal needs and wants, people keep bring you tasks that need to get done?

******** R.I.F.-
**Daily Math Word Problems**