March 7, 2013

******** Daily Gripe –  Dating Stories-

Suitor#6 Author: Revisited 

[24 hours after he initially contacted, typed exactly as messages were received]

Suitor#6 Author Yes i am a book Author and i have a book out now can i tell you about it

Me: I would prefer to hear more about you personally

Suitor#6 Author: Sure can we exchange numbers

Me [generic message, that is now saved on my phone so I do not have to keep devising a new response for such occurrences, 5 meaningless messages in]: I consider the phone a more intimate form of communication, which is great, once we have gotten to know one another.

Suitor#6 Author: oh ok cool but could u look at my work online

Me: I am here to look for someone for dating purposes, not to help promote their professional work, unless there is something I am missing in all of this…

Random Online Dating Site Participant

His profile picture is him, looking into the camera with a scowl on his face, giving the camera (or his audience) the bird (like a deer caught in headlights, I cannot look away and must proceed downward to see what the rest of his profile has in store for the desperate.

Headline reads: Single get at me (English must be his third language)

About me: Your ideal man 🙂

(and then below this after several spaces, there is just some keyboard mashing)


(It went on for lines of d’s but no need to replicate that here)

Another Random Participant

Headline reads: Open-minded Skeptic (moving on)

A third, wonderful chuckle of the night.

Intent: Actively seeking a relationship; for dating

Profile details: Have very little time for dating.

Forth Participant of the day has a profile picture of himself with a cigarette in his mouth (attractive!) Because I have asthma and I am extremely sensitive to cigarette smoke, I have selected only have non-smokers as my matches.  So I look down at his profile, in the field where you select an option and he has the following: Non-smoker.  I guess his idea and my idea of a smoker are two totally different things.  So then I think, well maybe it was a SPOOF picture to make me think.  So for fun, I glance at his other 6 photos posted. 4 of these show him actually SMOKING! Yep! I won the jackpot! I found myself a LIAR!

I personally believe if a guy on an online dating site is telling you he is a “teddy bear” he is probably trying to convince HIMSELF that he won’t hurt you in any way because he knows deep down inside, it is BOUND to happen!