March 12, 2013

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She said in an interview that she knew her son was “not capable of doing something so ugly.” ‘  SOMEONE’s son/daughter was. Why NOT yours?

How often will a mother admit that she saw or sees something like this in her child? I think it is a rare occurrence that ANY parent can or will admit to that before or even after the fact (proven or not).  No one wants to admit their child is capable of any heinous act, but obviously some person’s child did it!

I am supportive of my children, however I am never naive enough to say “never MY children”.  All I can do is hope that while raising my kids my best was good enough and they steer away from any troubled road life sets in front of them, that is meant to tempt the devil on their shoulder (we all have one).  If we all look sincerely within ourselves, we can see the potential for these behaviors, but these need context to mean anything.   It is about listening to the warning signs and being aware of your children’s every day behavior, as well as a parent being truthful to his or herself about the child’s true nature.

No one wants this dirty job. But someone needs to do it for the good of civilization.

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