March 16, 2013

******** On Repeat 

******** Famous Last Words – Upon telling my daughter A of Saint Malachy’s Prophecy of the Popes (in reference to one final pope): “They are going to make him immortal.”

******** A Word From The Unwise – Unless looking to scare off a blind date, never wax your eyebrows when you are not totally paying attention.

******** Daily Gripe – Communication

It is already hard enough to get guys to understand, listen and regard what I say…

Profile of Suitor#11

Second language: English

******** Randomness – The Dating Game [queue music]

Suitor#09 “The DRIVER”

[queue Jim Lange’s voice replicator here] Suitor#09 is a limo driver, who lives with his roommate.  He is looking for a nice girl, who he can do everything for. Meet The Driver!

Suitor#09: Do you drive?

Me: I do, when I rent a car

Suitor#09: You don’t have to rent any more buy my car 🙂

Me: I will never own another car again. I only rent when I want to feel the exhilaration of being on the road or have to get somewhere a train won’t get me to.

Suitor#09: All you need nice driver like me 🙂

Me: I enjoy driving on my own. My name is not Miss Daisy 🙂

Suitor#09: You name is beautiful eyes

Me: Thank you. I wish you luck finding a nice girl 🙂

Suitor#09: Like you?

Me: (Continued silence)

Suitor#11 “AKA DADDY2”

Suitor#11: Hey good morning

Me: Good morning.

Suitor#11: Hey beautiful eyes (this is where I cringe)

Me: thank you. (I really wanted to respond “like ice”)

Suitor#11: How u doing today love (here we go with terms of endearment)

Me: Doing well. Enjoying my Saturday.

Suitor#11: Nice I wish I can enjoy it with u

Me: I am doing dishes. Do you like doing dishes?

Suitor#11: Yes baby

Me: I call shenanigans. (This was the response that my daughter A provided me with because mine was not going to be as considerate)

Suitor#11: (continued silence)

Suitor#12 “The STALKER”

Suitor#12: Hi how are you? I am Jason. Let me tell you some facts about me. I am single live by myself stable in all aspects looking for someone to connect and spend the rest of my life with her. believe in Monogamous relationship and distance don’t matter to me if there is connection. Love to cook drive and go out to eat nice tasty food. I am easy to get along. Like all kinds of music except some rapping kinds. Love to laugh and try my best to keep my partner happy too. Is there anything else you need to know please feel free to ask. will be happy to hear from you

Suitor#12 [2nd message, 1/2 hour later]: i would like you to please check this song its very nice.I am trying for longest to talk you because i like the way you look in your pictures and your profile is so nice and honest.Please check this video.Its a song from Jason marz [sent link] (the song is titled “I Won’t Give Up”)

******** R.I.F.-
**Daily Math Word Problems**