April 4, 2013

******** On Repeat – Home by Philip Phillips “Settle down, it’ll all be clear. Don’t pay no mind to the demons. They fill you with fear The trouble it might drag you down. If you get lost, you can always be found” (Amazing song and lyrics IMO)

******** Famous Last Words – “If she talks out of turn, there’s always duct tape.” A, in regard to me.

******** A Word From The Unwise – Before you spend 20 minutes reorganizing a cover letter for a position that you are excited about, maybe you should click through all the way through to the application process until you get the specific job listing before going through all that effort.



*UPDATE* I am happy to report that because the name of the company the position was for was provided, I was able to submit the cover letter and resume through an email provided on their website specifically for employment seekers! Take THAT technical malfunction!

******** Daily Gripe – Duck Duck Gooooooooooooooooooooooose

As I shuffled through the grocery store yesterday, I was confronted with another joke that the universe  revels in playing on me from time to time. (who am I kidding-on a regular basis!) I had picked up some Has avocados to make fresh guacamole. The perfect mate for my version of guacamole is the Chi Chi’s brand tortilla chips. They are simply amazing of all the chips I have found to buy at any of the local big chain grocery store.

But I digress. For whatever reason, Pathmark feels that these chips are too good to be put on the shelf with the rest of the chips and as such they have their own display. I wouldn’t mind this, but since I rarely purchase them, and this display relocated with the frequency of a traveling circus, it makes for some chore just to find one lousy bag for one occasion!  This probably makes me want them that much more as, demented and twisted as I can be!

Well, yesterday I just could not locate this display, which I figured by now had been converted into a TARDIS to make my life that much MORE “exciting”.  When I went to the customer service desk, one person looked at me as if I had two heads when I asked where the “Chi Chi’s brand chips” were, even though I specified that from my experience, they are never in the same place twice.  Some other guy, whose facial appearance let me to believe he was clueless (as if he might be smoking some party favors out back on his break) was right on the money and knew exactly what I was talking about.  He scanned the entire store (as I had done while shopping) and he couldn’t find time.  But in the end, I was vindicated because guess what; the fact that quite a few store employees admitted the display is always shifted around!  I am NOT crazy, as much as the universe is trying to make me get there with a damned bag of CHIPS! Some crappy, mass produced chips it is DOUBLE HELPINGS of my delicious guacamole on each chip to cover the cardboard-like taste please!

******** Randomness –Where is Penicillin When You Need It?

Why is it so hard to find a good old fashioned moldy sandwich nowadays?

Why is it so hard to find a good old-fashioned moldy sandwich nowadays?

******** R.I.F.-
**Daily Math Word Problems**