April 8, 2013

On Repeat – Tonight I Wanna Cry by Keith Urban

Famous Last Words – “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Does it really fucking matter?

Daily Gripe 1– Warning!  Tolerance Level Has Reached 0!

Either people are bigger assholes today or my tolerance level has lessened dramatically.

Daily Gripe 2 – Jumping Back into the Dating Pool

My new headline reads as follows: Haven’t fallen for Nigerian $ scam-yet. Just my way funny way of saying I don’t fall for lines of bullshit (at least as far as they know)

Suitor #20 “Rotten Fish” – Headline reads as follows: ultimatecatch1: looking for the best.

Education: Masters Degree

About Me:

i am looking to meet an educated,sucessful woman who has acheived sucess and prosperity. i am an avid movie and music fan-9000+cds. my tastes vary but am not a fan of rap or opera.i own a very sucessful business and have been in the same fild over 20 years.i enjoy fine dining, as well as being in incredible shape and look years youner then my age. im looking to meet a great gal.are you out there?

Conversation starts

Suitor #20: you are lower then a Nigerian

Me: (I couldn’t let this one go. This is the effort this idiot wants to spend on a dating site. What a troll!) First and foremost, obviously the success in your business doesn’t require accurate spelling. The success of your business is probably based on a gained level as opposed to any real life success. I may be lower THAN a Nigerian, but at least I can spell.

The best is, this is the photo (the ONLY one) he has on his profile:

Did you cut this out of a Kmart or Walmart circular?

Did you cut this out of a Kmart or Walmart circular?

Randomness 1– Scrabble THAT!

 I just realized something. I am a walking contradiction. Words are my passion and yet I abore Scrabble.

 Randomness 2- Useless Chromosomes

I only see tragedy within my small circle of divorced friends. One example is an XY that fled the country and  the only time he attempted to contact one of his children was through Facebook 10+ years later, but not when it was suspected that she could have a serious medical condition. No, then, when he was notified of that, he never followed up to check on that status or nor even inquired upon his attempt to speak with her through Myspace and Facebook – all he wanted to do was talk shit about her mother, the very ill mother who had been there for her though those years, struggling to support three kids through whatever means necessary. Where was he? Hiding from his responsibilities.

It’s not just about financial support, but about reneging on an unspoken agreement that when you join your unprotected sexual body part with the fertile partner of the opposite sex you claim to love and the XX is impregnated, you are going to help in raising the outcome in a manner befitting a true parental figure.


**Daily Math Word Problems**