April 10, 2013

On Repeat – Road to Nowhere by Release the Sunbird

Famous Last Words –

Daily Gripe – How Do You Like Me Now?

Suitor#21 “Latin DimWit”

About Me Well,
Something about myself.
I’m very caring, fun and happy person. I have 2 wonderful kids and my own place. I know shallow women just look at a guy pics and think she knows if he’s the right one or not. There’s more to finding love than looking at someone pics and asking yourself if he’s hot enough for you to be with lol. Women are full of it..

Suitor#21 messages me for full-body pose, which if I wanted to display, I would have had taken and posted.  I hate photos, they lie. Not just mine, but the ones I see that guys post as well, for good or bad.Then the following conversation ensures after I say all the ones I have are not current.

Suitor#21: lol

Suitor#21: Sorry I love [type of] women

Me:  if i get out with friends I will try to remember to have them take a photo of me 🙂

Me: why sorry? everyone has their likes? I personally don’t like to be liked for what is outside though. It is not my thing.

Suitor#21: Take a pic in your bathroom mirraw

Suitor#21: You have that beautiful eyes and you sound cool.

Me: mirror shots are tacky as hell. That is stripper material and I don’t make the big bucks to do that.

Me: I am going to do what I do and be upfront with you to not waste anymore of either of our time.  From this short conversation we have had, I get the distinct impression you are very hypocritical and judgmental in regards to your thoughts on “women”.  You remark in your profile that women primarily look at the photos and decide from there what is hot and what a good match is, yet you admit an attraction to [type of] women and are pushing me for pictures that obviously I had no intention of providing to just random people.  I do however wish you well on your endeavors. Have a great day.

What a little bitch.  He couldn’t handle the truth obviously because he has now blocked me (tried to go back and copy and paste his final response, but it was unexciting and a weak attempt at an excuse for being a douche, so I am unconcerned that I cannot quote him here). The only people I block on here are the ones that send spam. Well that answered the obvious on whether he was a real man or not.

******** Randomness – Nomadic State of Mind

The nomad that is me feels the tug, the signs. It is time for me to move on. Everything about this place is telling me so: the surrounding people, the lack of emotional support here, my current employment status.

******** R.I.F.-
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