April 11, 2013

On Repeat – Fake It by Seether

Famous Last Words –

Daily Gripe –########## Is Such A Lonely Word

Suitor#29 “Honnestly ##########” (all messages, as always remain exactly as they were initially typed in the dating site messenger; spelling, grammar and all)

Suitor#29: honnestly speaking I am feeling your picture and what you have posted about yourself. I was hoping we could get to know each other. my name is [suitor’s name] by the way… 🙂 🙂

Me: Honestly speaking, you haven’t listed anything in your “about me” or “interests” and that really puts me at a disadvantage, plus makes it seem like you aren’t taking this with the same level of seriousness as I choose to.

Suitor#29: first off. Your age definitely played a huge among other info listed about yourself that prompted me to send you the initial message that i did back when i was on date hook up. I strongly gravitate towards older women…In fact i down right prefer to date way beyond my age. It comes down to the fact that generally speaking ( although it cant be said for every woman ) women outside of my age group tend to be alot more stable in various aspects of life. Including but not limited to Financially,Emotionally and atleast wanting something more commited rather than no strings attached

Me: Your explanation still says nothing for your numerous use of “#######” in a space that is meant to be utilized to assist your potential partners in getting to know you-like how you were able to read over mine. I wish you well in your endeavors. Have a great day, [suitor’s name].

Suitor#29: For the record I am single , of Panamanian descent, no children and employed. I work in banking. i did five years with capital one ending in may of last year. I left that company to work for a smaller private bank located in Manhattan.

Suitor#29: You know it would be a shame if something as insignificant as the use of # on my page got in the way of us getting to know one another. How can you gage what my intentions on this site prior to even conversing with me?

Me: Not that I have to explain myself, but maybe you can learn something. It shows as to the thought you put into it. All in perspective. What you see as insignificant, I see as significant. Already not a good match. Have a great one.

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