April 13, 2013

On Repeat – Bloodstream by Stateless

Famous Last Words – My daughter, A, playing Assassin’s Creed 2 ”Fucking pansies!  I’m gonna pickpocket the LOT of you!”

Daily Gripe –

Randomness – It Takes Two to Tango

In my opinion, a successful romantic relationship has to have two things: compromise and acceptance. 

  • Compromise of one’s behaviors/ticks/habits so that both partners may live in peace and harmony together.
  • Acceptance of one’s beliefs and political views so each can understand where the one is coming from, while still being able to express their own views, without being overly critical of any opposing views. That being said, this doesn’t mean they cannot or should not be open for discussion about beliefs and political views and such.

How else can you keep in tune with your partner if not to know how they think about the issues they feel strongly about? How two people communicate during these discussions determines whether or not if their partner feels accepted for their views and can even feel comfortable expressing their differences without feeling like they will be ridiculed by the one that should be most excepting of them.

R.I.F –

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