April 22, 2013

*******On Repeat – Sunrise by Simply Red

*******Famous Last Words – So many little things can make a man love a woman in a big way. -author unknown (said to me by Nick)

*******Daily Gripe – On Life’s Journey, Beware of the Fields of Egg Shells hidden Between the Hot Coals

One thing that really gets to me is when people don’t give regard to what I say, then things continue with the same negative results that they always have. Another part of this is expecting me to walk on eggshells. I look out for people’s feelings but there comes a time when they just take advantage of it.  It get’s old. The same people don’t do the same for me. Sure, they apologize after the fact, but guess what?  I have to suck it up and deal with the results that come from their inconsideration.  Why?  Because that is fucking life!

*******Randomness – MISSING!: A work vent about a office food thief from early 2011

1 Yogurt
Breed: Chobani
Age: 2 weeks old
Goes by the name “Apple Cinnamon”
Last seen: Top shelf of refrigerator on 9th floor @ 44 [name of street] Street
Reward: My ever dying gratitude
If found call 1-800-all-aboutme


**Daily Math Word Problems**