Photo Fiction Entry for 4/21/2013 “Tour de Ben and Millie”

Less than 150 words for Alastair’s Photo Fiction *:


Tour de Ben and Millie

Ben and Millie, having just picked up their automobile from the shipping yard in Monaco, were out for a leisurely Saturday drive in July to explore. They hadn’t been in the country but a few weeks and knew very little French. But who needed to know the language with such lovely people surrounding them!  So friendly these folks were; nothing like the stuffy ones that lived in their own home town! Their new neighbors had been so welcoming; inviting Ben and Millie over for wine, and in their broken English, told them of the best places to purchase market goods, the most amazing restaurants to eat at (not the typical touristy traps) and little known exploration locales.

And today, as the roads seemed empty of automobile traffic, the cyclists riding on the roadways were just as friendly, waving wildly at them as they sped by at breakneck speeds, to greet them on this beautiful Saturday morning!


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