Photo Fiction Entry for 5/06/2013 “Warning”

Less than 150 words for Alastair’s Photo Fiction *:



The warnings had been explicit. “Beware of red lights.” Three in a row on the left and a single floating above to the right. These would be up high. He recalled his mommy telling him, his brothers and sister to look away immediately when spotting such light source. The final warning “The longer you stare, the more inviting they would become.”

He just had to see what all the fuse was about.
He skipped  on ahead, dodging the boulders and the brush as he went. There was a mound of some  indescribable stink. But the desire to see what all the hoopla was about made these obstacles seem like child’s play.

As he approached the lights, the low humming sound he had ignored earlier became louder and his keen sense of hearing became increasingly impaired. Had he listened to his mother, he would not have been another victim in a human prank against the insect world.


*For anyone interested in having their own go at it, the deadline is a week from Sunday, May 5, 2013 and for rules and details, you can visit the blogger’s page/site above.