Mother’s Day 2013

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Mother’s Day:  a day I haven’t enjoyed in many years. I try but just cannot. Last year for Mother’s day (rather the day before) I said good bye to my kids as they returned to their father the day before mother’s day. For the few years before that when my kids weren’t around, I attempted to celebrate with other mom’s at a local popular brunch. I enjoyed this as much as one can enjoy water board torture.

I make the compulsory phone call to my aunt who has always been my second “mom”.  If kids could choose their mother, she would have been mine. My own did not much more than serve as an incubator for ten months (pre-birth) for me and provide me with decades of emotional abuse.  If I had had the money years ago, I would have been a 33 year old woman, divorcing her mother (as well as father). Better no mother (and father) than a mother that uses her grandchildren to hurt her daughter.

There are so many who would give anything to have their mothers back. While I wish things had turned out different, the one important lesson I have learned (hard lesson) in my 40+ years sometimes for my own well-being, I have to just walk away. I haven’t once regretted it.

Mother’s Day is just too hard a day.  I cannot wait until tomorrow comes.

A's Mother's Day gift to me

My daughter A’s Mother’s Day gift to me

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