Photo Fiction Entry for 5/12/2013 “Living for the Moment”

Less than 150 words for Alastair’s Photo Fiction *:



**Living for the Moment**

As they completed their move upstairs, the couple had no clue what they were in for. They knew living downstairs had been a life challenge, but believed things would get easier for them; wonderful fantasies of what would now fill their existence flooded through their thoughts-at least this is what they had been promised if they had lived in a certain manner.

Up until now, their view from above had been spectacular; superior to the imagined. But this morning they were in for a surprise. As the clouds parted, a glass-bottomed floor was revealed, which exposed below what they had just risen above.

All the devastation that mankind had presented them during their human life, was now visible once again. Only this time, they could do absolutely nothing to change the results. All they could do was sit back and watch powerlessly as the world was further destroyed by societies with no respect for themselves or one another.



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