Originally started May 7, 2013

******** On Repeat – She’s Got a Way by Billy Joel

******** Famous Last Words – “Madoff – fitting name” in a conversation I was having with Nick, regarding Bernard and his ponzi scheme.

******** A Word From The Unwise

******** Daily Gripe 

******** Randomness – Steering Clear of “Negative Nellys”

A fellow blogger posed the following question: When do you find it easier to write? And  stated that she is “Too happy to write” http://fungirlslivebetter.com/2013/05/03/i-am-too-happy-to-write/.

I find this pretty appropriate.  Many people, even those who you would assume would wish you the best, can find any detail to try to set any bit of our happiness back.  I think it is like our little safety net against those types…… the saying does go “Misery loves company”.

Even when we try to surround yourself with positive people, one negative one can slip through so easily, be a setback to our happiness and make us doubt ourselves, our choices.

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