Photo Fiction Entry for 5/19/2013 “Dangerous Secrets”

Less than 150 words for Alastair’s Photo Fiction *:

**Dangerous Secrets**

She first saw the box on that antiques television special and knew she had to have it. She found a recording of the show and listened intently for any clues as to where the possessor of the box resided. She called the show’s people and used the little information she had acquired and her innate manipulative skills to get the contact details of the box’s possessor. She had to have the box.

She couldn’t even wait to leave the residence of the previous possessor once she had the box in her sight. She used their kitchen sink, washed the blood off her hands and rushed back to the room where the box was held. She ran her fingertips along the metal stenciling and an excited chill ran through her entire body. She then let her fingertips trace the latch that contained the box’s secrets. She had to have them all.


*For anyone interested in having their own go at it, the deadline is a week from Sunday, May 19, 2013 and for rules and details, you can visit the blogger’s page/site above.