Alastair’s Photo Fiction Entry June 16, 2013 “The Cost of Living “

Less than 150 words for Alastair’s Photo Fiction*:

Alastair’s Photo Fiction June 16, 2013

**The Cost of Living**

Mrs. Shoemucker looked backed. The silence was deafening. In all the years she had been here, never did this walkway seem so dim. Even each year, as summer made its way back around to them, there was the knowledge that these stairs would soon again house excited, screaming voices. This was officially the end of so much.

No one cared about the children or the future any longer. Children’s education was soon to be a distant memory. For that matter, childhood was to be a distant memory. No more would be the days when you could see children on the bicycles or creating sidewalk art.  All anyone cared about now was the here and now.

Work was all any human would ever know. As soon as physically capable, each new young being would be assigned some physical labor; the geniuses to be utilized for the country’s advancement. This was the new cost of living.


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