Friday Fictioneers for June 21, 2013-“Crowds”

Friday Fictioneers entry for June 21, 2013 Friday Fictioneers June 21, 2013

Friday Fictioneers-June 21, 2013

Genre: General Fiction Word Count: 100


A royal guard’s job was to stand motionless and emotionless. But Lesley, who was in no mood today, had had it with this job today and was looking to go out with a bang. Lesley noticed a crowd of tourists coming. Lesley knew the routine. Tourists would attempt to get the guards to crack a smile by telling lame ass jokes. Once they realized this was futile, the tourists would switch to slinging insults. The first tourist approached then stopped dead, turned and fled. That would teach tourists to mess with a double-jointed person! For rules on FRIDAY FICTIONEERS please visit