June 19, 2013

******** On Repeat – Try by P!nk

******** Famous Last Words – Me to my daughter, A: Do something with your life!
A: I am! I’m watching “My Little Pony”.

******** Word from the Unwise:

******** Daily Gripe –  **WARNING** Toxicity Levels Increasing

Toxic parents-they are all over around us – and maybe we are one. None of them can identify themselves (although I am sure they can point out others).  In this, I believe the children pay for the sins of their parents. And keep paying-and paying. The debt seems not only to never be reduced, but is forever increasing (like those 100+% interest loans).

How do you explain to someone that their actions are selfish and not in the best interests of their children? Why can they not see the mirror image of their own childhood and life’s trials? Part of us may want to say something to point this out, but people like this are more likely to be defensive (not admitting their faults and even blame others for their current state of affairs). They might only see the error of their ways once it is too late. I see this entire painful process as a merry-go-round for the whole family (with no enjoyment whatsoever in the end).  And it makes me feel drained and helpless.

******** Randomness – Life’s Disappointments

When you have three wonderful, intelligent, thoughtful and caring children yet, because their father believes he is owed numerous childhoods, have had to and continue to face adult-like life struggles and sacrifices long before they should have to. Life is a disappointment.

When you live your life abiding by rules, regulations and vows and can never get ahead. Life is a disappointment.

Compromising some aspects of self so the heart can be followed and seeming to get the shit of that stick. Life is a disappointment.

People say to me “Your hardships/struggles will just make you/them stronger”.  Well guess what, LIFE? You and all the struggles you have thrown my way since my childhood are a disappointment.

******** R.I.F.-

**Daily Math Word Problems**