Independence Day 2013

Positive Changes All in the Name of Love

My last twelve days have been grueling-all toward positive things, but still mentally and physically tiring just the same.

On Monday, June 24, 2013 my daughter graduated from high school after a very rough senior year. She has now moved 1,100 miles away to start her adult life. She is with her close friends, so this makes me happy since I know this is what she wanted and needed. But she is my oldest so even knowing this is the best for her, I feel like I am missing a part of myself. The first bird has flown the coop.

As for me, I have moved in with a wonderful man. I love him for his good heart and best intentions and he loves me like I have never been loved before. His love for me he says is because I am “strong, sweet and sexy’.


He has opened up his family to me because of the trust he holds in me. Because I have changed a few stubborn ways of thinking (after what I consider major trauma in my life), I have now opened myself up to be loved and cared for the way I deserve.

A New Experience

Saturday, June 22, I attended my first Hindu wedding. The ceremony was a beautifully amazing event; touching in so many ways. This was an entire weekend event, since it was my boyfriend’s brother getting married. Meeting so many family members over the course of two days was very exciting and wearing at the same time.

June 22, 2013 ceremony

June 22, 2013 ceremony

As for the changes I am going to make to this blog, I am still contemplating on that. I find that being in love, I do tend to think more positive and notice things in a ,better light and the things that go on in the world are not as painful. Or maybe it is just that you have that special person to share these bitter experiences with. But I never intend to change who I am, but something about being in love makes life much easier to bear.