Friday Fictioneers for July 26, 2013-“Silverlinings”

Friday Fictioneers entry for July 26, 2013 Friday Fictioneers July 26, 2013

Copyright - Douglas M. MacIlroy

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

Genre: General Fiction Word Count: 104


It was odd, looking down and seeing clouds. They had talked about this day, but never dreamed it would happen so soon. It was okay though because they were still together. This was definitely a plus to their situation. Not even death could manage to break their bond. The view from up here was so beautiful that memories of anything before were slipping away quickly. The car crash images were becoming cloudy. Peace and serenity is all that would soon remain. What more could one ask for from this point on than to be with the love of your life, with such a wondrous view? For rules on FRIDAY FICTIONEERS please visit Friday Fictioners