Travel Theme for July 19,2013-Tilted

This week’s travel theme: Tilted

Where’s My Backpack-July 19, 2013

Tilted-people, structures, or thoughts. This theme may seem like an easy one, but when something is visually tilted, sometimes we  can tend to attempt to straighten them out in our photography. Then there are those things which we take advantage of their tilt for interesting photo ops…

Timeline: Summer 2003

Location: Mainz, Germany

A and a little friend at the playground.


Timeline: Labor Day Weekend, 2008

Location: The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

Under the Gateway Arch

Tilted ZZ under Arch Tilted A touching arch Tilted Mad holding up Arch

Views from the top of the Gateway Arch

Tilted Abby looking out the window in Arch Tilted Capital building from Arch

Timeline: Christmas Day night, 2010

Location: Eternal Flame Park, St. Louis MO

My kids A, M & D having fun!


Timeline: June, 2002

Location: Pisa, Italy

No tilting theme would be complete without this-My daughter, A and the usual suspect.

titled a in pisa