Travel Theme for July 26, 2013-Sweet

This week’s travel theme: Sweet

Where’s My Backpack-July 26, 2013

Sweet-a flavoring, a point of view, stirring that pleasant emotion, a gesture. These are photos of my kind of sweet.

Timeline:  Unknown

Location: Unknown

A mother and son.

This is my great grandmother Tootsie and my grandfather “Poppy”


Timeline: November 2000-March 2001

Location: Gau-Bischofsheim, Germany

My son, ZZ.

Fast asleep, mid-play.

Sweet-Passed Out

My daughters, A & M:

“I will miss you while you are at school.”

Sweet-I'll Miss You While You're Gone

My daughter, M.

All tucked in.

Sweetness (All tucked in)

Timeline: Unknown

Location: Unknown

My Aunt Dorothy, who upon passing several years ago, donated her body to science.

A Sweet Gesture


Timeline: 4/27/2008

Location: International House of Pancakes, Bronx New York

My daughter, M, promised she would eat the entire pancake. Teasingly I took a photo with my Palm photo, writing a reminder for evidence that she could not in fact finish the entire meal!

Sweet Revenge

Sweet-IHOPThe apple pie I baked for a party tomorrow


a blue raspberry drink ordered with this evening’s meal.

Sweet Indulgence

Sweet-Apple Pie Sweet-Drink