Friday Fictioneers for August 2, 2013-“Combing Through Thoughts”

Friday Fictioneers entry for August 2, 2013 Friday Fictioneers August 2, 2013

Genre:  Fictional Humor: Word Count: 98

**Combing Through Thoughts**

As Henrietta honed in for her landing back to the comb, she got this nagging sensation she was forgetting to do something very important.

She was always forgetting to mark her calendar with her appointments and with a memory like a colander at times, it was important that she did. When would she learn?

“Oh well. It must not be that important if I can’t recall,” Henrietta thought to herself.

As she came in for her landing, she looked around her. “This isn’t a comb!”

That was when she remembered-she had missed the appointment for her vision test.

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