A Most Memorable WTF Moment

My WTF Moment

Many of you have experienced “What the Fuck!” moments. These are moments when thoughts of crying, maniacal laughter and hurling deadly objects cross our mind all at the same time. The following is a “What the Fuck!” moment that I will not soon forget.

A few years ago I was returning from a week’s vacation in St. Louis. It was nighttime. I had arrived at my home city airport and got in line for a yellow cab. I told dispatch the area I was heading to (as is typical). When I was finally at the head of the line, I got in the cab. The driver asked where I was heading. I told him the area and the two bridges he can take as his options. These are two well traveled bridges to get into my city from where we currently are (which is an island). Either one will bring me right near the exit on the Interstate to get to my little secluded neighborhood that next to no one ever hears about (unless they have family or friends there). He appeared clueless about how to get around and called his dispatch for directions.

I was no longer paying attention (as I was tired from my vacation and flight and could be of no use to him while we remained in this city) until I saw a sign heading away from us with the names of one of the bridges. We were circling around to cross over on the other bridge! I started to say something to the driver through the Plexiglas window but, as I heard him talking to dispatch in another language, I didn’t bother. I just didn’t have the energy to argue with someone, especially a man.

As I watched the meter rack up more digits than necessary for this trip, I started to get irritated. I hadn’t intended on paying more than 35.00 USD for this cab ride. It was the last of the funds I wanted to spend for this trip and I didn’t want to go above what I knew to be the typical amount. As we approached the bridge, I prepared to give him step by step directions to get to my house. We passed the toll booth and I proceeded to do so. I continued to watch the numbers on the meter increase to speed past 28 USD, plus I knew there was a toll to be added at the end (I believe it was 5.50 USD at the time). As we rolled slowly through my neighborhood, we approached a stop sign a few blocks from my house. I cannot recall if I offered him directions on how to leave or if he asked me how to leave. I just recall sitting in the back seat as he asks “or should I use this” and he lifts his right hand from the front seat showing me a GPS!