Friday Fictioneers for November 15, 2013 *Skateboarder’s Remorse*

Friday Fictioneers entry for November 15, 2013  Friday Fictioneers link for November 15, 2013

Genre: Fantasy Fiction     Word Count: 107

**Skateboarder’s Remorse**

This was Tim and Annie’s favorite time of the week- Sunday evening. As the alley became more desolate, their excitement grew. One by one, the streetlights had popped on and the people passing became fewer. If their parents knew what they planned weekly, they would have a coronary. But being adolescents, they couldn’t help risking everything for such an opportunity.

Another half hour passed. The time was right! Tim and Annie picked up their skate boards, cautiously peering out of the crack in the wall to double-check that all was quiet. As they both coasted down their first slopes, Tim realized something-they have forgotten the cat deterrent!

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