Sunday Photo Fiction for November 17, 2013 *A Slight Setback*

100-200 words for Sunday Photo Fiction*:

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Genre: Historical Fantasy Fiction

Word Count: 151

**A Slight Setback**

The hall was prepared to receive the newly throned king. The royal paraphernalia had been shined and laid out on a nearby bench. The tradition was that as the newly throned king would approach his seat, members of the king’s court would each dress him with a piece that came with this seat. The crown was to be placed last, the chancellor being responsible.

This was no ordinary crowning however. The court hadn’t accounted for a slight issue. A rival of the kingdom had secretly sent special mead to the king that had gotten past the cup bearer’s testing the evening prior. Now standing at a mere 18 inches high, with his head now half the circumference of the crown’s size, the new king approached. The chancellor, however, was terrified to perform his duties (possibly being slayed in the interim) and become part of the painful reminder of the king’s curse.

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