My Life’s Journey entry for 11/19/2013

Famous Last Words

Unfortunately I have nothing to include here today.  (No, that is NOT a quote lol)


Something To Hide

With this economy, finding a job is difficult enough. I don’t need to be wasting my time on sketchy job advertisements. But there they are in plain site (or not, as the case may be).  Searching for a job is a full-time job and to have to deal with slimeballs wasting my time is more than an annoyance, because you don’t want to misjudge and pass up a possible employment opportunity.
I answered a job posting, that did not supply the name of the company, but this in and of itself is not a red flag, because most don’t unless they contact the applicant for an interview. But as soon as initial contact is obtained, the party WILL supply those details without being asked.
This morning I woke up to this long-winded response to my resume submission.

“Dear XXXX,
I hope this email finds you well. The resume that you have submitted through Craigslist has been reviewed by our Regional Hiring Director, Mr. Morgan. Based on your skills, experience and credentials he believes that you would be a good fit for a position within our managerial staff as an manager trainee, account manager or sales manager.
Our company is the nation’s largest benefit provider for labor unions and credit union members. We are located across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Ireland and soon to be Italy, by the end of August, 2014. It is an amazing career opportunity for advancement and income. We have a number of positions available; depending upon your qualifications this will help us determine the position that will be best suited for you.
We are looking for twelve key people to join our management team, seeking, successful, strong desire for personal growth and business-minded individuals to facilitate the expansion of our three offices located in, NY. Our Regional Hiring Director, Mr. Morgan, has respectfully extended an invitation out to you and would like one of our Senior Managers meet with you personally to discuss the opportunities thereof. This appointment will be used to explain your daily task and responsibilities. This appointment will then be used to determine if you would be a good fit for the position.
Office: Flushing Queens, NY- Interviewers: Reynolds and Shahab
Wednesday- November 20th, 2013: 9:00AM
Thursday- November 21st, 2013: 9:00AM
Friday- November 22nd, 2013: 10:30AM

Please confirm which of these dates and times would work for you and I’ll send you the address\directions. I would appreciate it if you could please respond promptly because I expect to be filling these twelve positions by November 30th, 2013.”

All that detail in an email and no name of the company mentioned, no first AND land names provided of any of the people involved in this process and to top it off, this email came not from a corporate domain email account, but a Google one. So I decided to respond in the following manner, in order not to blow a valid opportunity:

“Good morning, Alex;

Thank you for your response to my resume submission.

Before I commit to any interview time, could you please provide me with some reading materials from your company for me to review. I would greatly appreciate it and will follow up with you shortly after that.


Funny, no response by the end of the business day.  :/


Last night I dreamt I was living in a house with 5 dogs and 3 cats. and we had multiple families visiting  One evening a huge rat scratched its way through the pantry, but he looked so similar to one of the dogs, that it couldn’t be distinguished to be eradicated. Somehow during the hunt to capture this rat, a gas line somewhere in the house was broken and we had to get all the animals and children (I don’t recall the count of children, as I couldn’t keep track of how many visitors their were staying) far enough away from the house before it exploded, while avoiding the rat. We all got out in time, with enough time to turn back and see the roof blown off.


I never did finish that last book “To Say Nothing of the Dog”, by Connie Willis but I did  get through my next book attempt fairly painlessly:  “On a Pale Horse”, by Piers Anthony, a recommendation from my eldest child. This is a fantasy novel about a man, who in his attempt to off himself, kills Death instead. As are the rules, he must replace Death in his duties. Ironically, this is the start of a better “life” for him. His chance to redeem his life’s “mistakes”.
I am now reading two books. One is a biography about Ayn Rand called “Ayn Rand and the World She Made”, by Anne C. Heller. Pretty intriguing so far.The other book is The Way of the World, by David Fromkin that starts with the beginnings of civilization and connects this all the way through to today and how humans (Homo Sapiens) got to where they are now.