Sunday Photo Fiction for November 24, 2013-The Gang’s All Here

100-200 words for Sunday Photo Fiction*:

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Genre: Crime/Humor

Word Count: 161

**The Gang’s All Here**

The Pugsly Gang was all over the news. Its members were the town’s worst nightmare. Day in and day out they tormented the residents of Crotte d’Oiseau. The mayor had even threatened sanctions for anyone found associating with a member of the Pugsly Gang but despite this, their numbers continued to increase. Each morning members of the gang lined up on the town’s highest buildings, taunting the locals from above. Once a Pugsly gang member had it out for one of the town’s resident one could be sure there would be hell to pay.

If the townspeople thought the birdseed spitballs and the feather planes were bad, they were about to be in for a rude awakening. There was a town hall meeting planned for today, to take place in the outdoor atrium and unbeknownst to the town, the gang had been practicing their guerrilla tactics discretely for weeks! And to make matters worse-they had backup coming from the next town over.

*For anyone interested in having their own go at it, the deadline is a week from Sunday, November 24, 2013 and for rules and details, you can visit the blogger’s page/site above.