Friday Fictioneers

Entry for Friday Fictioneers February 14, 2014

Genre: Romantic Fiction

Word Count: 127

Red, Red Wine Makes Me…

The waiter approaches a table, wine list in hand. He hands it the woman seated.

Will anyone be joining you this evening, the waiter asks.

She nods.

She asks the waiter if there is any special wine not listed.

The waiter shrugs. He tells the woman he will see what he can do.

Two glasses of something memorable, she says.

Time passes. The waiter brings the wine. Though her guest hasn’t arrived, she takes a sip from her glass.

So divine, she says.

Are you ready to order, the waiter asks.

The woman reminds him that she is waiting on a guest.

The waiter tells her that her guest is already here.

Her face shows a confused look.

He makes an indication toward the wine glasses.


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