My Life’s Journey-One year anniversary of blogging


The view as I start my new blogging year.

One Year of Blogging

Today is one year since I started blogging. In honor of this I am changing my WordPress Theme.

A lot has changed in my life during this year, but my intentions for this blog has not-to express myself through my writing, what I am reading, the types of music I am listening to and photos of the situations I see in my daily life.

Famous Last Words

“The more you have, the more you have to lose-and you cannot protect everything when you “hands are full”. -me


Subway Seating

The wrong way to take a seat on a crowded subway: Plopping your ass down abruptly, blowing neighboring sitters out of their own space.

The proper way to take a seat on a crowded subway: Slowly ease your ass into the seat, then slowly allowing your weight to take its direction from gravity, eventually spreading your fat across the seat. This is how you stealthily claim a full seating area without totally pissing off neighboring sitters.