About Me

December 14, 2014

Currently employed in an industry where regulation has the final say, while chaos tries to rule, I struggle to find my true purpose in life. I have decided to once again alter the style of my blog to flow better with my spontaneous thoughts, inspired by the chaos surrounding me on a daily basis. – TLee

July 2013

I am in a different place in life than I was when I started this blog. I was then employed, a bit more pessimistic than I am now, had my anxiety and depression mostly under control and was single, living with my daughter, who was struggling to get through her senior year of high school.

Currently I:

  • have been laid off twice in 10 months, after being employed steady for 6 years and 2 days,  (I think that was my 6 year anniversary present-my pink slip), then employed again rather quickly.
  • have entered into a committed relationship
  • am a little less pessimistic
  • have anxiety that is at times through the roof, with depression sometimes rearing its ugly head (now that I have no insurance and no money for even a visit to my psychiatrist).
  • live with my boyfriend, with my daughter entering her first year college and starting life on her own.

Due to all these changes, I feel the need to revamp my blog-change it up a bit, to reflect my current situation. I will be working on this over my next few personal blog entries until I feel it is right.  🙂

I am hoping that by doing this, that I can re-inspire myself, as I have been lacking the emotional strength and mental energy to complete an entry.

Thanks for taking this journey with me,




February 14, 2013

Anything you need to know about me you will learn as you read the things that go through my mind on a daily basis and some of the events that happen (a little insight as to my view on this crazy thing we call life).

For those of you who are acquainted with me in any way before I started chronicling my disasters adventures of my experiences on our realm, this perhaps might be more than you ever thought you would get to “know” me.

For this blog’s purposes, I will refer to myself as T-Lee