Friday Fictioneers for August 2, 2013-“Combing Through Thoughts”

Friday Fictioneers entry for August 2, 2013 Friday Fictioneers August 2, 2013 Genre:  Fictional Humor: Word Count: 98 **Combing Through Thoughts** As Henrietta honed in for her landing back to the comb, she… Continue reading

Travel Theme for July 26, 2013-Sweet

This week’s travel theme: Sweet Where’s My Backpack-July 26, 2013 Sweet-a flavoring, a point of view, stirring that pleasant emotion, a gesture. These are photos of my kind of sweet. Timeline:  Unknown Location:… Continue reading

July 24, 2013

**Famous Last Words** Nick: I think I am dreaming. Me: Why? Nick: To have you in my life. Me: ❤ *********************** Nick: Can you please tell me “no” sometimes? Me: I do…you just… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneers for July 26, 2013-“Silverlinings”

Friday Fictioneers entry for July 26, 2013 Friday Fictioneers July 26, 2013 Genre: General Fiction Word Count: 104 **Silverlinings** It was odd, looking down and seeing clouds. They had talked about this day,… Continue reading

Travel Theme for July 19,2013-Tilted

This week’s travel theme: Tilted Where’s My Backpack-July 19, 2013 Tilted-people, structures, or thoughts. This theme may seem like an easy one, but when something is visually tilted, sometimes we  can tend to… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge July 19, 2013-Fresh

to join in visit Weekly Photo Challenge-Fresh   Date taken: May 17, 2013 Location: Flushing, New York Nothing like fresh tea to start an Asian meal!

Travel Theme for July 12, 2013-Simplicity

This week’s travel theme: Simplicity Where’s My Backpack-July 12, 2013   I didn’t have to go past my block for simplicity: The appearance of a perfect full  moon, with branches of trees as… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge July 12, 2013-The Golden Hour

Weekly photo challenge: The Golden Hour to join in visit Weekly Photo Challenge-The Golden Hour This was taken from my hotel room at the beginning of my 11 day Christmas vacation with my… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge June 28, 2013-Companionable

This week’s photo challenge:companionable to join in visit Weekly Photo Challenge-Companionable Siblings-their locations may change, but their bond is unbreakable. Year 1 together 2000 Location: Gau-Bischofsheim, German Year 2 together 2001-Christmas Location: Gau-Bischofsheim… Continue reading

Travel theme: Sculpture for June 28, 2013

This week’s travel theme: Sculpture Where’s My Backpack-June 28, 2013 There are so many different forms of sculptures. These are a few that come to mind from my past travels. Flower/Plant Sculptures from… Continue reading

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