Independence Day 2013

Positive Changes All in the Name of Love My last twelve days have been grueling-all toward positive things, but still mentally and physically tiring just the same. On Monday, June 24, 2013 my… Continue reading

June 27, 2013 – Change

My life is going through some major changes over the next week or so.  I will have to take a break from my random blog writings, my photo fiction entries I have thoroughly… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneers for June 21, 2013-“Crowds”

Friday Fictioneers entry for June 21, 2013 Friday Fictioneers June 21, 2013 Genre: General Fiction Word Count: 100 **Crowds** A royal guard’s job was to stand motionless and emotionless. But Lesley, who was… Continue reading

June 19, 2013

******** On Repeat – Try by P!nk ******** Famous Last Words – Me to my daughter, A: Do something with your life! A: I am! I’m watching “My Little Pony”. ******** Word from… Continue reading

Alastair’s Photo Fiction Entry June 16, 2013 “The Cost of Living “

Less than 150 words for Alastair’s Photo Fiction*: Alastair’s Photo Fiction June 16, 2013 **The Cost of Living** Mrs. Shoemucker looked backed. The silence was deafening. In all the years she had been… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneers for June 14, 2013 “No Maintenance Required”

Friday Fictioneers entry for June 14, 2013 Friday Fictioneers June 14, 2013 Genre: Humorous Fiction Word Count: 104 **No Maintenance Required** The piano teacher was lending her piano and services  for the talentshow… Continue reading

Travel theme: Flow for June 14, 2013

This week’s travel theme: Flow “The road less taken” is the motto I like to follow whenever possible. “Flow” made me think of walking along the Niagara River and its class 6… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves June 14, 2013

This week’s photo challenge: Curves to join in, visit As soon as I saw the subject, I knew which folder to go to for the perfect photos for this challenge! Location:  St. Louis,… Continue reading

June 14, 2013

******** On Repeat – Fuck You (Explicit) by Cee Lo Green ******** Famous Last Words – My daughter, A: “McDonald’s [food] is built to last. ******** Word from the Unwise: If you feel… Continue reading

Photo Fiction Entry June 9, 2013 “Life’s Compromises”

Less than 150 words for Alastair’s Photo Fiction*:   **Life’s Compromises** The Woodland division was marching across the field. They had until sundown to re-connect with the Grassland division. The Woodlands had… Continue reading

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